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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

:: Ayusante - Powered by Ayurveda ::

:: Let us take Ayurveda Global by Ayusante ::

:: Ayusante - Powered by Ayurveda ::
Be a part of this Momentum
Lets take Ayurveda Global...

Ayurveda is 5000 years oldest science system from India.
Wellness is birth from Ayurveda.

Ayurveda or the Science of Life is a holistic approach to healthcare that helps people live long, healthy and well-balanced lives.


I am into network marketing business from past 9 years and working passionately as a FULL TIME Networker and building a strong successful team in the Network Marketing Industry (MLM) and which is also called as Direct Selling Industry or Community Commerce. As we know that this is the only industry where we can achieve our DREAMS with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. And this is the only industry where we can support others also to achieve there DREAMS. This industry changes our LIFE STYLE by giving us both TIME and MONEY. And one more thing that the beauty of this industry is that we can have TEAM WORK BENEFITS that generates you PASSIVE INCOME with NO RISK and 0% (ZERO) investments.

School and Collage normally educates you,... How to build OTHERS ORGANIZATIONS by appointing you as one of their employee and using your talents and efforts to fulfill their goals and dreams....

But WE... will teach and educates you to BUILD YOUR OWN ORGANIZATIONS to fulfill YOUR BIG GOALS AND DREAMS... with your talents and efforts with team work benefits.

Dear friends,
This is the best business opportunity where you can achieve your Dreams with financial freedom and also you can support your friends and relatives of you to achieve it. Build your own organization and support others to build there own organizations world wide. This is the best business opportunity to change your Life style by having financial freedom as a fastest billionaire in less time and create others also as billionaires by offering them this business opportunity in a right track. If you have a strong burning desire to achieve your Dream Goals with financial freedom, than join your hands with us, if you are very serious in doing this business.

Let's help everyone to achieve financial support no matter what colour skin they are, what nation they are, who they are. Feel free to call me +91 9880188153. Lokesh G. INDIA. Bangalore. To achieve YOUR financial freedom.
***** WE ARE BORN TO WIN *****

:: I am Ayusante ::

:: Why Ayusante by Mr. S P Bharill ::

Myeslf Lokesh G. with Mr. Ramesh Vangal Chairman of the Katra Group - Ayusante ::

Myeslf Lokesh G. with CEO Mr. Sajeev Nair of Ayusante - Katra Group ::

Myeslf Lokesh G. with Cheif Mentor Mr. S.P.BHARILL OF AYUSANTE - KATRA GROUP ::

" Lets take Ayurveda Global "
Be a part of this Momentum...
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:: Lokesh G ::
Mobile : +91 9880188153. Bangalore. INDIA.

Finally MonaVie the Ultimate Truth - @ MonaVie Regional office, Bangalore. on 27th Nov 2013.

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Myself Lokesh G. from Bangalore. INDIA. Working Passionately As A Full Time Entrepreneur by Building A Strong Successful Team In Direct Selling Industry. Visit my personal website : Contact : +91 9880188153. Gmail ID :

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